Youngevity is based in Texas with offices in Chula Vista, California. Youngevity has anti-aging type products, as well as nutritional based products. They are MLM style and are seeing a nice growth period.

Youngevity has a line of nutritional supplements which claim to be super nutrients which build super cells. Their products are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards according to available literature and information.

A very popular product of Youngevity is a colin cleaning item.They claim to have cleansing herbs that are high in fibre and act as digestive system cleansers. Youngevity also has a product that is said to burn fat, control your desire to eat, and control your metabolism.

Can you make any money with Youngevity? Since it is MLM, you have unlimited downline. You make money on retail sales, and get referral bonuses. You only need $40 monthly sales volume to qualify.

There also is a leadership bonus with Youngevity. This is 20%, Escalating builders infinity bonus up to 18% on all levels, and 2% galaxy generation bonus. The Youngevity starter kit is $50.

Most MLM's have similar plans. You also can start with a very small investment. The real question is, does this company have a product that will fullfill a need or solve a problem? Then is it priced where you will make "easy" sales, and make a profit?

Youngevity seems to be fairly solid, but you will have to decide on the answer to the questions we pose. We feel that an internet business such as this site, is the way to go. We open our e-mail in the morning and see the sales that came in while we were asleep. We also like helping people like you to take that leap into the unknown of an internet business. The best part is when a student makes a sale and they realize this is real.

Youngevity may be your answer or check out what we do to build our residual retirement income.

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