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You Get Paid Fast Reviews

Well, this You Get Paid Fast Review will offer an opinion on this program based on my 6+ years online experiences, and maybe help you know what to look for in today’s economy for easy and fast sales.

First I would like to applaud the creator of You Get Paid Fast  aka YGPF, Mr. Paul Darby and his partner Ray Asper. My reason to applaud them is the You Get Paid Fast program is the right price point for selling online “with ease” and is a great beginner level program.

TIP #1- The lower the price point, the faster the sales because it takes less opt ins or subscribers to convert to a sale. One other review I read said they saw 1 in 12 opt ins to a sale. That’s about what I see with my top program which you can check out by opting in below.You can check that review out here: YGPF Review.
There are a few things you need to realize in ANY online program such as You Get Paid Fast before you dive into another new HOT program which we will explain below.

A little more on YGPF:

I receive a lot of email to monitor the new things popping out online and this AD came through for You Get Paid Fast.

You may never have to work again – You may never have to advertise again.

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ONE-TIME Cost of $28!!

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No Monthly Fees!
Not Gifting!
No Matrix to Fill!

Ladies And Gentleman -Presenting, The You Get Paid Fast Program – The Insiders File:

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Ok, so would you jump into this program?

Here’s what I do to review any program to decide if it is worth my time to grow that business.

Will the program be around in 3 months, 6 months, a year….two years? Why work your tail off to grow a business that may not be here. The You Get Paid Fast with Mr. Paul Darby would seem a good risk as far as being a long term promoter of his program. This program likely will adjust as the internet changes so be sure to join stuff that will be here for years to come. MY top program has been around since 1999, and pays residual income, so we earn even when we don’t work.

Is it a real business? Will it pay me down the road for sales I make today? Will there be repeat sales? If we rely on ONE time sales, then we are continually needing to advertise to maintain some level of income. RESIDUAL programs are the only I would recommend.

Price point? In today’s economy and this is a GLOBAL situation, selling anything more than $50 (my opinion) or so will require followup usually meaning calling your prospects. The You Get Paid Fast at $28 is a level that most people will buy without needing to call the sponsor and it sells direct from a website- this is the way to go especially if you are new. Unless you like to call people to close sales?

TRAFFIC- most any program will sell if you send enough quality traffic to the programs capture page. Most people fail because they never learn how to do this. Or worse, they do work pretty hard and just before the first sale, they quit thinking “this doesn’t work”. Be sure to ask this of your sponsor so you know the EXACT way the program is best marketed, and they should be able to offer you stats on cost per sale,etc. If they can’t tell you this, then they may not really be having success.

Getting back to that ad above. One thing I really don’t like is the comment: It only takes One special person to literally explode your business!

Folks if you expect to have “one special person” join you and make you rich, that is about as likely as being struck by lighting. Most people searching online have zero marketing skills. The few that know how to make huge sales, rarely take the time to help anyone mostly because they are too busy growing their incomes (from the 98% who keep searching for the next program that will “work” for them).

I like the You Get Paid Fast program because it has the right cost and potential for new people to make sales.

If the program has built in, plug and play traffic, then it would be the perfect income generator. I was unable to find anyone marketing it to offer their stats or advertising approach to create a full time level income.

You Get Paid Fast and Paul Darby get all thumbs up and we hope for their continued success.

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