Yanik Silver

Yanik Silver has a very good reputation in the world of internet marketing. I learned of him when I started out searching for answers to my zillion questions on marketing. I especially was interested in his sales letter ability and copywriting skills. Sales letters, especially the long ones are what sell! Yanik Silver to me had the sales letter technique down pat.

Yanik started out in the off line world selling medical products and was a successful copywriter before he stepped into the online world.

Yanik Silver has many products geared to help marketers. These include: Surefire Sales Letter Secrets, The Ultimate Sales Letter Toolbox, Instant Sales Letters, Instant Internet Profits and 33 days to Online Profits. I looked into the latter product when I was frustrated in my poor internet business success, and e-mailed a few questions. I received very prompt responses which I have heard is the norm for Yanik Silver. This in and of itself says a lot about his business methods and your chances of being pleased.

I give Yanik Silver a thumbs up as a reputable marketer with sound products and support. If anyone has any information on his 33 days to profits video or first hand experience, please let me know as that product looked intriguing for the internet newbie.

Yanik Silver is also associated with the Mastermind Group, but I can show you how to get sales on your own!

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