Worldwide Merchandise

I purchased the Worldwide Merchandise distributorship which allowed me to sell their many products. Worldwide Merchandise would drop ship them to your customers. I was interested in getting their website package that was essentially an on line mall.

I spoke to their contact person and asked for specifics on how I would market my website to get traffic and sales. I did not get a very good feeling as far as what they suggested to get traffic. Their recommendation was to tell my friends and family about it, and/or use the site in various fund raiser concepts by selling the products and splitting the profits with the organization that I partner with to raise funds.

This was not the kind of internet business I was looking for as I wanted to have traffic generated that would find my site by using certain other techniques that this company did not seem to be able to explain. I also later learned that on line malls may not be the best product(s) line as you would be more successful selling a specific product to a specific market, rather than trying to sell a bunch of products to a non targeted market. Also some of the Worldwide Merchandise products seemed to be identical to another company that offers the same type of program.

Their info package is free so it may be worth your further look. My Mom looked at the products, which I thought were sellable. My Mom buys all kinds of stuff from catalogs. She thought the products were not necessarily what she would buy, much to my surprise. Mom usually is right!

Worldwide Merchandise may be something for you.

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