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Multi Level Marketing Scams

What is MLM Scams?

What can you do to avoid being scammed?

There are many ways to be sure you don't get scammed but the first thing is to STOP believing you will get rich online overnight, get floods of traffic to your site with a push of a button, or get rich quick. STOP joining all those hyped up claims without first interviewing the person promoting it.

Folks if it were that easy, don't you think everyone would be sitting on an island just watching their bank accounts grow?

The best way to not get scammed is to educate yourself so you understand how traffic really does work online and how online sales are made. FIND someone you trust online to follow. Opt into many peoples offers, then email and ask them questions to see if they know what they are talking about.

Most real marketers will not offer their exact traffic secrets, but they will offer you some good sound ideas as to what to expect when you join them. Email them many times to see if they keep responding...if they do, then they are probably honest and really looking to help anyone..BUT PLEASE keep this in mind..many of us that recruit 5,10,20,30 a week CAN NOT always get on the phone to help everyone. It is literally impossible to assist that many people and do it on the phone. Even an hour each is a weeks worth of time on the phone. So, be ready to use your email skills to ask questions and works very well and is faster than phone conversations because you really can stick to the point.

My top recruits emailed me DOZENS of times a day and for many days and even weeks to LEARN all this. I can assure you THEY can spot a mlm or multi level marketing scam a mile away- they educated themselves.

The real truth is most online programs are designed to work for anyone, they are not designed to see you fail. People fail when they expect too much too soon for too little effort. Also, MLM or multi level marketing is not a "pyramid" scam. The fact is EVERY business created works like a pyramid where the top folks need all the lower folks to keep their incomes growing, but in our business, our income is solely dependant on OUR efforts...our top leaders have equaled our income- so that can't be a pyramid...!!

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Multi level marketing scams can be simply avoided by asking your self what is a mlm scam then finding the facts about how to market online so YOU will then know the truth, and you don't need someone else to tell you what is or isn't a scam.

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