Wade Cook

Having his start in Real Estate, Wade Cook switched to stock market seminars. He made a lot of money in the real estate sector, but had some problems (bankrupt) there and switched to the market.

His Wall Street Workshop, includes a "high pressure" effort to purchase a $10,000 course called Cook University Course.

It is fair to say that the primary source of Wade Cook business earnings is from selling his courses. Not from success in the stock market.

I really think that the best course on any topic is one written by someone that has had true success, and not just making money by selling the course.If you read below, you WILL find someone just like this. You may be skeptical as I was, but don't sit on this amazing offer like I did for nearly a year! Go for it! You will be thanking yourself (and maybe me) for finally finding a program that works.

Wade Cook and his financial corporation and books offers some interesting info you should look into and it isnt any scam, as like most things online are not scams, but you need to learn some skills to become good at anything online

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