Video Email

If you are looking for a hot business to get involved in, video email is a good choice.

Video Email is sweeping the internet, and you probably could have expected this to be the next trend in internet communications.

Other than a typical progression of technological advances, let us explain why video email is becoming so hot?

1. Text only messages are often mis understood by the reader.

2. Plain text emails can get lost in spam filters.

3. People remember more of what they see than what they hear. 30+ % vs. a little over 20% in comparison, according to scientific studies.

4. Your text email can often be viewed as boring and the reader simply doesn't absorb the whole intent, or deletes it before he/she reads it all.

With video email, everyone understands your message. They SEE your facial expressions and body language, and there is no doubt as to your true message. No reading in between the lines.

If you are sending a "cold" email meaning to a recipient that doesn't know you, they will remember you better and probably have a more trusting perspective of you if it is a video email. That can be huge in business.

Video email includes not only the basic email we all are familiar with, but also instant messaging as well as broadcast messaging.

There are various video email providers popping up on the web, however we have located one that is bar none, the best out there. The company is called IWOWE. They offer a service called Hello World that is top of the line and leaves the others in the dust.

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