Vending Business

I had a few personal experiences with the vending business category of potential home based businesses. I'll discuss the vending business most of us think of and that is candy, snacks, maybe even soda and health drinks.

There are hidden costs that most of us would not think of and are not told when reviewing a possible vending business. Here's a few that you might want to consider before trying an "opportunity". Candy and food for example will not last forever. If you don't track sales well, you will have a certain amount of product that will not sell and will essentially be stale. Factor this into your weekly costs. I know for a fact that on a weekly basis, a lot of vending machine products must be tossed out or in most cases the vendor gives it away at the location they have the machines installed.

Now add in the other hidden costs: vending machine repairs and vandalism. Also you likely will need to set up a system at the location(s) where you set these machines up to offer the location owner a cut of your sales. If you aren't handy in repairs, that alone may be enough of a deterrent.

I would not recommend any candy-machine-vending-reviews-snack-vending-machine-candy businesses at this time. The profit margin can be minimal when you consider ALL costs. Then add in your travel time placing the units, finding the best locations, tracking what sells and what does not, repairs and losses due to items that do not sell, hauling machines around, I believe the only folks that are making any "easy" money are those that are selling the vending machines. I recently spoke to a vending business owner who is 2nd generation owner and they agreed the business is not an easy one to make a good profit.

If you have any different experiences, please e-mail or call me and I will be happy to spread the word.

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