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Val Smith

Val Smith has a program called Mentors in Motion. The title speaks for itself as far as the concept of the system. Val Smith uses the concept of mentoring to teach others how to make money.

I am a firm believer in Mentoring. However I feel it must be done the right way for it to be successful. The right way would be one on one with your students.

The program Val Smith runs is not necessarily this structure. I have heard many who have not had success in this system but there are those that have.

My feeling on this is quite specific as I struggled for years looking for the right system to follow. I then read a book called "Mentored by a Millionaire" by Steven K. Scott. This book confirmed my realization that if I wanted to be successful my best shot was to find someone else that was successful and do what they were doing.

The Val Smith system is based on this premise, but you may wish to assure yourself that you would get one on one assistance. The internet like any business start comes with a zillion questions that you really need someone to be there to ask. Otherwise you likely will stumble even on something seemingly insignificant that may cause you a loss of money or time in building your business. That is why many such businesses fail early on.

I was mentored one on one and that is the best way in my opinion. Nothing less to best assure your success.

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