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Usana is a multi-level marketing company that has a primary focus of research and development of scientific health product for consumers.

Dr. Myron Wentz was a pioneer in cell culture technology and founded USANA. His background is what allows Usana to develop some of the most highly advanced scientific products in this field.Usana's belief is to develop high quality products and they use an international network marketing system to distribute their products.

USANA has several neat programs that support its marketing systems. One is the USANA Athlete Product Sponsorship which uses celebrity endorsements from athletes who become part of their network marketing system.Another is the Children's Hunger Fund where donatiosn are made by Usana. Usana also has the Usana scholorship program that supports young adults and children called the Good Nutrition Pays Scholorship Program where $1000 is paid to those that show a healthy and good lifestyle.

Usana's scientists can be found in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA. Usana products are divided into 4 areas: essentials, Optimizers, Macro Optimizers, and Optimizers.

Usana has some of the best manufacturing and product testing facilities in the health sciences markets and is without a doubt a solid company.

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