Trump University

Trump University is an offering by Mr. Donald Trump. At this time I have no details on people who have purchased his products, however I can offer my personal experience with one of his books.

I read "Trump: The Art of The Deal". It is nothing short of awe inspiring and a must read for anyone that is serious about being successful. I read it in one evening as I could not put it down.What I like most was his account of a his typical day, showing you just exactly how hard he works.

Although as he states in the book, he doesn't do it for the money. I think many people do not succeed in a home business because they don't realize the effort and commitment needed. This book by Donald Trump is great at painting a picture of what a successful person like Mr. Trump does each day. It gave me hope that if I could "work" at the pace he described,I just might make it too.

Donald Trump is without a doubt one of the most successful real estate authorities, and his Trump University offers are indeed worth every penny.One of the things he states in his Trump University offering is a "deadline" for ordering. The thought being success in business and life requires quick and decisive/definite decisions. If you can't decide if you should order, then maybe running your own business is not for you.

I give any resources by Donald Trump or Trump University many thumbs up. Mr. Trumps success speaks for itself. His highly publicized money troubles a few years back, show you that even he can have business difficulties, but he was able to react, and turn what seemed to be quite serious into a success. This in and of itslelf is what I feel separates the true successful entrepreneurs from the rest.

More on Trump University as we obtain information.

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