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Traffic Swarm Review

What is Traffic Swarm?

Traffic Swarm is a popular traffic exchange where you can get some low cost traffic to your new online program or work at home opportunity

Many have tried Traffic Swarm but felt it doesn't work. They did not see any opt ins or sales to their program.

Well we can assure you TS works, BUT you need to know the trick to see traffic flow which we will divuldge right in this review for you :)

First, you can join as a free member, or a paid member and you earn commissions from your downline. You also earn credits from your downlines efforts. If you build enough downline, you can get lots of free credits from their efforts, so you can get your traffic for free.

You can surf for credits each day, and there is a maximum of like 1000 or so daily credits you can get- the system will stop you when you reached the max. Each credit is a view of your program to other people that are also surfing. Some WILL opt into your program, but you need the trick.

You can also buy credits, but we don't suggest this on our team, as we use TS as a nice "starter" level of traffic- this usually means it will take some of your time, but it is low cost so you can get some initial traffic to your new online program for zero cost as a free member.

OK, I need to tell you the trick. Here's where many fail and assume Traffic swarm does not work. You need at least 15000 credits to your account before you will see any reasonable flow of traffic. When I joined, I surfed for nearly 3 weeks to build up to 20,000 credits, then at that point you will see maybe 500-1000 a day views to your program offer as you keep surfing to maintain the 750-1000 credits that you consume each day....and you will see opt ins and sales if your program and ad is nicely matched and converts well.

A lot of things online seem to NOT WORK, but this is because either your sponsor doesnt't really know how things work online, or you did not work enough to see the results- in this case you need to get those credits UP or your traffic will flow very very slow if at all.

We won't bother giving our affiliate link to join Traffic Swarm here because our top program has all our secret traffic links within once you opt in to see our free info- which you can do below.

Traffic Swarm will work and give you a start to some decent low cost traffic, and you can even get promotional or promo codes for some initial extra credits, so join a team or sponsor that really knows all the secrets or tricks ( we call them skills) and you will soon see nice results.

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