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Top Sponsor Ads

Top Sponsor Ads

Top Sponsor Ads are ads that are at the top of an ezine so it is the first thing the ezine readers will see. A "Solo" ad simply means it will be sent out as a stand alone mailing to all the subscribers of that ezine.

Sponsored ads like the Top Sponsor Ads are the best for your money when you are looking at ezine advertising.

Ezines offer one of the least expensive ways to advertise. You can get an ad placed for as little as $5. Do Not use free ads. These are free for a very good reason, they don't return much if at all. If you want to make money on the internet, the frequent saying is the marketer who spends the most tends to make the most (profit).

Top Sponsor Ads bring the best return for your dollar. They bring the most targeted traffic for the least cost.

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