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Tips, Tricks, Secrets&nbsp; For&nbsp;You</font></h3> </b></p> <p></p> <p>This page is my "gift" to you for stopping by my website. I get so many e-mails daily asking me questions about certain aspects of internet marketing. I decided to open the "vault" and divuldge some stuff that many of the guru's would rather I keep quiet. This is all information in my ebook and courses. It also is information that may seem simple but when you are new to all this, even the simplest bit of factual information can make a huge difference in the outcome of your efforts. &nbsp; </p> <p>I realized when you are new and trying to decide which way to go or what to do next with your website to increase sales, "any" bit of information can make the difference bewteen being stuck on what to do, versus having that tiny piece of knowledge that allows you to move forward. </p> <p>I encourage you to give me feedback as to whether this was helpful to you, or to tell me some "tricks" of your own.Let's be a first to just tell it like it is and offer others that magic answer that might make the difference between being a success versus throwing in the towel in frustration because what they thought they understood, wasn't quite what they thought! </p> <p>I'll add to this page as I learn of a new tip, or as I have time (it's busy sometimes running a successful website :) ) to jot down what may be useful to you. I recall when I started, I had more questions than answers! </p> <p>If anyone sees something listed that is inaccurate or can be said better, please correct me and I will change it. </p> <p>There will be no specific organization to this list of tips, tricks and other cool and secret stuff. I'll just list it as it happens. Good luck to you! </p> <p><strong>1. Internet Mathematics 101: </strong> </p> <p>OK, This refers to hits, visits, conversion rate, and the ultimate goal of sales. My site for example is like a fine tuned swiss watch. You can predict how much money I will make, just by knowing how much traffic I send to my site. This is true because for every "hit", I get a certain number of "visits". For each Visit, I get a certain number of sales. </p> <p>Once you have your website and sales letter working, this "math formula" works like magic. If I want to make&nbsp;5 sales a day, and I know that I need 100 visits to make a sale, and I also know that I need 7 hits for each visit, then to make&nbsp;5 sales, I need 100 x&nbsp;5 x 7 =&nbsp;3500 hits a day. </p> <p>Now driving&nbsp;3500 hits a day requires some "magic" if you will, but the preceding is very typical of some (my) sites. If you know how to drive targeted "hits" to your site, all you need to do to make a certain level of sales is drive that number of hits....which turn into visits, then converts to sales. </p> <p>It's that simple. </p> <p>2.<strong> Links:</strong> if you want to increase the popularity of your site, the only way to do that is by adding links. Make sure you try to add links that are of a higher page rank than your site. when you are new and have a page rank of "0" this may seem tough because other higher ranking websites may prefer to not add your lower ranking site. You'll be surprised at how other sites will help you, so just go out there and LINK! </p> <p>I added some quality links and saw my listings rise up in position. Be sure to add as many one way links pointing back to your site. How to get one way links? Write articles is one very effective way. See thenext item. </p> <p>3. <strong>YAHOO</strong>- Do I need to pay money to get listed in Yahoo? I wondered this too when I started as there is something at Yahoo where you can add a site or URL, that says you need to pay. I did not pay anything and my site has many listings listed in yahoo. Type in <a href="http://www.businessreviews4you.com">www.businessreviews4you.com</a> in the yahoo search field and you will see the number of listings in the top of the search results. It will say something like 1-10 of about 330 (maybe more when you read this!). </p> <p>4. Links- Should I pay to have links added to my site? I paid about $800 to have 250 one way links added plus supposed SEO performed. I did not see any huge improvement in traffic. I also could have done the linking myself just as well , and at no cost! When you are new you can be impatient and think you need to do everything fast to be successful. After I saw the poor results w/ my link addition by others, I asked them why? They said 250 links is not enough and I need more to be competative. They may be correct, but again, you can do it yourself initially- my recommendation. </p> <p>5. <strong>Article writing-</strong> Definitely write at least a few articles. I found that by submiting one article to about 10 article sites, I added about 150 links in a couple weeks! These are one way links back to my site- those are the best type of links. I also saw that when you submit an article to most article sites, they are typically a higher page rank (maybe 4 or more). Linking to higher pagerank sites is a good thing, and a quick way to get your site ranked higher. Write as many articlles as you can initially! Make sure your article is search engine friendly- you use good keywords. </p> <p>6.<strong>Organization:</strong> You will soon see that you will be collecting a lot of e-mail, URL addresses and links to sites, or even affiliates. &nbsp;Also you will have a lot of "log in" screen names and passwords. You need to organize this stuff early on or you can get overwhelmed and confused right from the start. A suggestion to organize things: 1. keep all log&nbsp; on links, screen names and passwords in a "Note" file using Notebook which is on most computers. It is like Microsoft Word, but a little less fancy. Save everything for your business on this file. 2. Use one of those portable memory sticks that plug into a USB port on your computer to save your entire business information. Keep it in a safe place. Having it portable makes it easy to plug into another computer to check on your business. 3. Save all this stuff on your computer "desktop" so that when you click on the Icon, your whole business is listed right in front of you. You can then easily cut and paste to get to where you may&nbsp; need to go to. </p> <p>7. USB port memory sticks- What if I forget it is in my pocket and it gets washed? Don't worry, let it dry out for a day or so. It most likely will still work. I can't tell you how many times it will keep working after it is laundered :) but I can say it will work at least once after a good wash! </p> <p>8.Credit card handling: As you can see from my site, I use 2checkout.com and paypal.com to handle my sales. They both do an excellent job. Do you think having both services is a plus to sales? the answer is yes. I found some people like or better said trust one over the other so having both probably ensures a sale that I may not have received if i did not have both. </p> <p>9.Shipping: Be wary of customers that might claim they did not receive a shipment of a product. Paypal.com or 2checkout.com will handle any customer issues like this, but one thing I did not know early on was do not ship to an "unconfirmed" address. If you use Federal Express, they will note if an address is not confirmed. You should always get a confirmed address before shipping an order. This could be a benefit to you if there is any discrepancy with the customer receiving the order. </p> <p>10. I like to track the progress of my website as it grows on the internet. There are various free tools you will want to use to see how well you are doing, for example in your linking. I use seologs.com to see how many links I have. Now as you may have noticed, I am an engineer so everything&nbsp; I tend to try I track to see just how well my efforts paid off. I like finding the easiest ways, so my "work" time is minimal! If I add an article, I will watch the links after a few days to see if that article may have added a bunch more links. For example after submiting one article to about 10 article directories, I saw my links incease by about 200 in a week or so. Seologs.com has various&nbsp;other tools you can use to check page rank, keyword possibilities, and other stuff&nbsp;to help keep your website on track.&nbsp; </p> <p>11.HTML: Many ask if they need to know HTML code. Well, yes and no.&nbsp;&nbsp;You will most likely want to make simple changes to your website. You don't need to know HTML per se', however as in any venture, any knowledge always tends to add to your chances of success. In this case it can lessen possible costs where you may need your website host or web designer to make your changes for you. Sorry web hosts/designers-:)&nbsp; Most of what you need to know is quite simple once you learn. My son showed me :)&nbsp; There are others out there that design their own web pages. I haven't needed to do that yet, although it is something I'd like to add to my bag of tricks. Most of what I need to do on this site is done by me. So, if I can do it, so can you, and I'll help you if you need some "how to" help. </p> <p>12. Get your own website- This was a critical decision I made when I decided to take the plunge into internet sales. My mentor taught this method and I NOW see why. One very simple reason- it's mine! No matter what may change down the road as I (or you) grow in your internet marketing knowledge and business smarts, you always have a website that is only yours to keep growing "deep" into the web. The internet is fast changing and there's always something new popping up every day, but the way your site will "take root" doesn't happen overnight. I would not want to spend hours and money building a website that isn't "internet friendly". All those cookie cutter or replicated sites are not what is best for you. </p> <p>13. <strong>SECRETS REVEALED!</strong> If you have read diligently to this point, you are definitely driven to learn the truth about what it takes to be succesful online. I know this because I read everything I could trying to uncover the "real" truth before I found my mentor and his marketing course. Knowing where you have been because I walked in the same shoes as you, I will offer you the real truth to internet success as I have found it to be in my first year with my own website and being online actually making sales. There are really only two keys to success. 1. Find a duplicatable program that you know to be a profitable system and copy it. 2. YOU!&nbsp; E-mail or call and I can further explain what these two items really mean in terms of success. </p> <p>14.<font color="#0056ff"> </font><a href="http://www.businessreviews4you.com"><u><font color="#0056ff">Click here</font></u> </a>to learn more about this websites purpose and how to make real money on the internet! </p> <p>15. <a href="http://www.recruitlikestan.com/?t=tipstricks"><u><font color="#0056ff">Click here</font></u> </a>for a low cost way to get going online. This earns income daily. </p> <p>16.Domain Name- definitely select a domain name that has "keywords" to your business or service you plan to promote on your website. This domain name will eventually get picked up by the search engines and get listed in searches. I made this mistake when I started. I picked a domain name that I liked but had no&nbsp;strong relevance to my product or business. Once I figured that out, my domain and site was already "linked" so I had to do other "tricks" to get full advantage of the domain name. </p> <p>17. Autoresponders: the power of an autoresponder with an opt-in web form: The worst thing you can have on a website, is people stopping by, looking around, then leaving without YOU collecting their name and e-mail address. It is "tough" enough getting traffic to any website, but to have a potential customer, then let them leave w/o getting their information to possibly send them your newsletter, or some other form of information that may help them is like tossing away money. I had about 50 visitors a day to my one website w/o an autoresponder. I tripled my visits and customers by adding a sign up sheet. Again anyone that stops by your website is a potential customer. Your job is to not lose them as often when they leave it is for good. Unless they bookmark you website. Statistically it takes up to 7 visits before someone makes a purchase. How many times do you shop around for the more costly home purchases. If you lose them after one visit, you very likely lost a lot of potential sales. </p> <p>18. Article Submiter: This is a great piece of software I use to submit articles. My first use of this resulted in nearly 5 times the hits to my website after just submitting one article to about 6-8 article sites. Call me for more information on this MUST have product if you want to establish links to your site plus get free traffic! I was amazed at the additional traffic! In addition to links you also get FREE advertising that can get your online business going if you do not have a lot of cash to fund your advertising. My program is geared tp those that don't have a huge marketing budget...that way you will have a better chance at staying profitable early on, and you'll&nbsp; not have that sinking feeling if more money is going out than coming in. </p> <p>19. All about sitemaps: <font face="Times-Roman" size="4"><font size="2">There are important steps to follow in regards to website design and SEO. Here's my recommendation:1. </font></font><font face="Times New Roman"><font size="2">Go to Google Webmaster Tools at: <font color="#0000ff">www.google.com/webmasters/ </font></font></font><font size="2">and signup for a free account. Login to the Google Sitemaps area and add your domain name. 2.&nbsp;You may then go to: <font color="#0000ff">http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ </font>to insert your URL and create a free sitemap. Save the sitemap file and follow the simple instructions on uploading it to your website. Finally, submit it to Google&rsquo;s Sitemaps so you can begin tracking your website details. So why do this? </font><font size="2">The purpose of uploading your sitemap and submitting it to Google through the </font><font size="2">webmaster tools is:a.</font><font size="2"> Gain maximum exposure to all of the pages in your website by </font><font size="2">presenting them in an orderly fashion to the search engines. b.</font><font size="2">You will be able to track the Crawl Stats, Query Stats (popular </font><font size="2">keywords used to reach your website), Index Stats &amp; Page Analysis.</font> </p> <p>20.Paid versus free advertising: we are asked this often, whether you can make a go if it online with only free advertising. There are many webmasters who do drive traffic with only free advertising. However those of us starting out, early on, while your website may still be too new to have many free searches bringing traffic, you most likley will need some level of paid advertising. Generally you will need a mix of both. We also have found that the paid ads tend to bring more targeted traffic to our site, versus our free listings that are found when people search for a certain "keyword". This again is our experience. We will add that if there was no need for paid advertising, there probably would not be any. Also, it id usually the website or business that advertises the most that makes the most money.The key is to create an advertising mix that results in a profitable cash flow. We can show you exactly how to do this. </p> <p>21. Articles: writing articles will work to get you free traffic. Don't think one article will make you rich or even get one sale. I see big name marketers submiting articles. I doubt they do this just because they like to write. I also saw one person that submits around 12 a day for over two years. He has well over 9500 articles submited to just one article directory. His alexa traffic is very nice and it is all free. Be sure to select keywords that will get your article ranked on google's first page search results, use the key words in the title, body, and closing paragraph. Then use "anchor text" in the resource area to rank with that keyword. Ezinearticles.com is a great place to submit and see if this works for you too! </p> <p></p> <p><font style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 172);" size="2">After testing and reviewing hundreds of different business opportunities and money making programs, <font color="red">ONLY ONE</font> worked well so the average person could see results. </font><a href="http://www.recruitlikestan.com/?t=tipstricks"><font style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 172);" size="2">Click here to go to the website</font></a><font size="2">. <br> </font><br> </p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#d0e0ed" valign="bottom"> <td><img alt="" src="../bot_left.gif" border="0" height="21" width="183"></td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <table background="../fon_bot.gif" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" height="64" width="780"> <tbody> <tr valign="top"> <td> <table background="" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="780"> <tbody> <tr> <td width="300"> <p class="menu02">Copyright &copy;2006-Pres BusinessReviews4You.com</p> </td> <td> <p class="menu02"><a href="index.html">Home</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="aboutus.html">About Us</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="contactus.html">Contact Us</a> |<a href="http://www.recruitlikestan.com/?t=tipstricks"> #1</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;| <a href="http://www.businessreviews4you.com/legalpolicies.html">Policies</a> </p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </td> <td background="../bg_right.gif" valign="bottom"><img alt="" src="../bg_right.gif" border="0" height="16" width="17"></td> <td background="../bg.gif" width="50%"><img alt="" src="../px1.gif" border="0" height="1" width="1"></td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </body> </html>