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Tim Hortons Franchise

Tim Hortons Franchise is Canada's largest coffee and fresh baked goods chain. They are expanding in the midwest and north-east regions of the US according to a flyer we picked up at a local Canadien Tim Hortons. We are located just a few miles from the border and frequent Canada and Tim Hortons often.

Tim Hortons has a presence in our location but if you go just a few miles south to Buffalo, there are not as many Tim Hortons locations. In Canada they seem to be on almost every corner- a little exaggeration, but this shows the growth potential for you.

Tim Hortons has a proven record for being a leader in quality, value, cleanliness and service. There are over 2,620 locations in Canada and over 295 in the United States.

Tim Hortons offers an opportunity to join their family, and apply your business and interpersonal skills in growing longterm with them.

They offer an established system that provides site selection, training, on-going operational support and more!

Owning a franchise has its downside including in this case a higher cost to get involved that possibly many of you cannot afford. Also when you are a franchise owner you are on call 24/7 , 365 days a year!

On the other hand an internet business can be started for a few dollars and grow over time to an income level that would surpass most high income franchises. Plus you can work at home.

Tim Hortons has a great opportunity and much growth potential. Offerin a place to socialize plus the "best" coffee around is a win for this business. You may wish to look at what we do to earn a full time income by clicking below.

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