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The Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate is a membership type website that was created by Kyle and Carson, a pair of Computer Science majors who looked at affiliate marketing to make extra money while in college.

Within The Wealthy Affiliate site you will get access to video tutorials, e-books, guides, keyword lists, an internet marketing forum, and recommended products and case studies. A huge benefit of this site is the direct and individual coaching of Kyle and Carson or from one of the many expert affiliate mentors available in the forums.

The Wealthy Affiliate is like going to the Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing University but it is more for beginners, but members include more experienced copywriters, and other web development people that offer their expert help in the forum area. They have a low monthly fee of $29.99 which in adition to items already mentioned you get tips on Google advertising, keyword lists and affiliate programs too.

Membership in such programs like The Wealthy Affiliate early on can help you get a "taste" of what internet sales and in this case with The Wealthy Affiliate, affiliate sales.These type sites can be for free too but there often is some cost- the owner of the site goal usually is to earn income online. You might want to sign up for a month on any similar site, if anything to see what the "talk" is, and see if internet sales is really for you.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program and University if you will may be exactly what you need to learn this trade,business, skills.

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