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The Rich Jerk

The Rich Jerk definitely has an advertising style that some will hate or be offended by, and others, like myself will see it as a great "lure" to a potential customer.

Much of his information is what I would refer to as "generally accepted internet marketing that works", however there are those that feel his information does not work. I believe The Rich Jerk information will work for those that are also willing to put in the effort as in any business.

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The Rich Jerk information includes how to write great sales letters, lead generation, setting up affiliate websites, and much more!

One thing I feel we can learn from his (or hers?) marketing strategy is the concept of doing what no one else does. In this case his harsh, put it in your face, either do what he says to do and you too will be a success, or just stay in your "poor world" and never get the success you too can achieve. He surely hits you right where it may jolt you to action.

That being said, you can benefit from his information, but especialy if you are a newbie, you need a sure and proven way to follow to minimize your cash losses and begin to see success so you will keep focused and meet your personal home or other business goals. This program may or may not offer that for you.

A criticism of The Rich Jerk information is it is only good for advanced marketers. An updated version is available that helps this issue but again my point about having a proven plan when new to this business surely would lessen the newbie million questions period we all go through, not to mention the many wrong roads we can take.

The Rich Jerk promoted the idea of review sites just like this one. Reviews online work well; he sure knows his stuff. The Rich Jerk is claimed to be someone named Kelly Felix...ask us more and we will tell you what works online.

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