The Longaberger Company

The Longaberger Company was initially founded in 1976, with its origin or home office in Dresden, Ohio. It began as J.W.'s Handwoven baskets by Dave Longaberger, who sold his fathers hand woven baskets.Many people search for basker building online. In 1978, The Longaberger Company got its start as a direct sales organization, as a result of difficulty selling the hand made baskets through the traditional retail outlet route.

The Longaberger Comopany is a direct sales company that markets the original hand crafted baskets as well as home and lifestyle products such as pottery, specialty foods, fabric accessories, and wrought iron.

The Longaberger Company has continued to be a family owned and operated firm, run by Dave's daughters Tami and Rachel Longaberger. They continue to expand the original product line.

What does The Longaberger Company have for you? They offer a business opportunity as a Longaberger Home Consultant. There are a variety of starter kits available with an assurance that there is a strong network of help and support for their Home Consultants. We would expect that any businesss would offer good support, but a family owned business might just have that extra special touch you might need when starting in your home based business.

It is possible to work full or part time with commissions of 25% earned on all sales with extra earning potential created by recruiting others to become Home Consultants as well.

The Longaberger Company looks like a nice business opportunity and we recommend it.

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