The Internet Treasure Chest (T/M)

You may have seen The Internet Treasure Chest(T/M) advertised on a late night TV infomercial. The information offered with this system is generally outdated. There is a lot of information out there if you do some searches that says many purchasers of their products have not been able to make much money following these techniques.

There are a few that may have made some money but if you are buying a system that teaches one how to do internet selling, you'd expect to hear from quite a few happy customers.

One thing to be aware of with the the Internet Treasure Chest (T/M) is once you sign up with your credit card for ongoing services offered you may find it difficult to cancel your subscription.

Additionally The Internet Treasure Chest(T/M) has been found in trouble with the FTC. The FTC regulates the Internet amongst other things and you should be very aware of trade rules and requirements regarding advertising. Anyway, they were found guilty of making false claims about their income guarantee and were told to not mislead the public on income potential and start up costs.

One sure way to find a system that does work is to try out the ones that don't work. I have tried many systems that don't and now am pleased to say I found one that does work. If you want to look further at what I do please read on. I do not recommend that you pursue The Internet Treasure Chest (T/M).

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