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The Insiders Money Club

The Insiders Money Club was an advert that arrived in our mail box. It claimed that for an annual fee of $20 we would receive many ideas and insider secrets and information on how to become wealthy, and build riches.

This offer was based in Montclair, California. We were supposedly selected  to be members of this private club which is restricted to a limited number of people.

The Insiders Money Club membership includes 24 special free reports, a quarterly "members only" newsletter, special flash alert bulletins, and more. The 24 reports include many topics such as "How to send your child to college for free" and "How to save $126,183 interest on your mortgage" and many more "get rich quick" type offers.

The Insiders Money Club is claimed to be the "Most Profitable Club In The World".

Quite simply this is just another scheme to get your $20. Many people will part with $20 and if you are on a mass mailing list of those that have bought similar items, this company will make some easy cash.

We recommend you locate a program that will show you how to set up an internet business that runs automated. The Insiders Money Club and other similar systems may work for you but if you are new you will need some one on one help.

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