The Home Biz Guy

The Home Biz Guy

Stone Evans is known as The Home Biz Guy. He often write articles and moderates on various forums.

The Plug-In-Profit Site (T/M) is one of the products offered by Stone Evans and is sold under the title of The Home Biz Guy.This product offers an internet home business in a box which is personally set up by The Home Biz Guy.

Stone Evans provides the affiliates for you to choose from to join and then sign up for The Plug In Profit Site (T/M). In doing so, he is increasing his downline while helping you get started in your own home business.

The Home Biz Guy has a good program. His 30 days to success start up plan is pretty good as well; I followed some of his ideas and they seemed to add traffic.

The Home Biz Guy has a good system for beginers. If you have your own product idea, you may want to locate a more general course that can be used to start selling ANYthing on the internet.

Stone Evans is also a member of GDI (Global Domains International) and is actually on my sponsors sponsors cool is that?

I would suggest anyone follow Stone Evans as his system has been aroud for long before I started online nearly 6 years ago.

The Home Biz Guy Stone Evans gets many thumbs up!

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