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 Terry Duff

I like Terry Duff. He is the co-founder of The Dream Team, a training outfit for home based businesses. In addition to this Terry Duff offers his services as a mentor and also claims of success as a network marketer.

I recently read that Terry Duff and his business partner, Gino Niccoli have made a challenge to Donald Trump stating that they can take any home based business and make it profitable in 30 days after start up. I think that is a pretty aggressive challenge especially to "The Donald",however it seems Terry can back up his claims with proven successes.

Please keep one thing in mind as you look at online home business opportunities....if you can't make a sale because you don't know how to market the product, it doesn't matter much what your compensation plan is. Many marketers are trying to pursuade you to their products with pie in the sky hyped up income potentials, and bragging about their webinars, trainings and opportunity calls.

I make sales every day without having to do any of that "work". Again (hint) it is all in the marketing. Don't be fooled! Most any compensation plan is good if you can make a sale!!

Thumbs up to Terry Duff.

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