Ten Hot Home Office Jobs- Do You Really Want Another J-O-B?

Government analysts recently identified ten fast-growing jobs that combine higher-than-average hourly wages with the benefits of working from home. Internet access allows many of these jobs to be handled at home:

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1: Computer Systems Analyst These information technology (IT) professionals help companies design state-of-the-art systems to run businesses.Computer systems analysts often test new ideas at their own home offices. A Computer science degree program can help qualify graduates for home-based jobs that pay over $30 per hour.

2: Paralegal As more people seek quality legal representation, many law firms rely more heavily on paralegals for research assignments and routine tasks.Paralegals can start assisting on cases after completing an associate's degree program w/o needing a law degree or passing a state bar exam. Some law firms prefer to avoid adding office space and others like the flexibility of bringing on temporary paralegals to cover sudden surges in their caseloads. In either case, many home-based paralegals earn over $20 an hour.

3: Database Manager Because most databases can be maintained from any live Internet connection, a growing number of database managers work remotely over secure, private networks. Some database managers earn salaries from large employers, specialists with business degrees and computer training can earn over $30 an hour working from home as freelance database specialists.Nearly all business use some form of database that needs to be managed.

4: Public Relations Specialist Many PR specialists enjoy working from home at least a few days per week. With a bachelor's degree in communications, an office veteran can transition to a home-based job writing press releases and responding to media requests. Public relations specialists frequently earn more than $22 per hour.

5: Administrative Services Manager Earning an associate's or bachelor's degree in business can help you gain the skills necessary for this managerial telecommuting job that often pays more than $30 per hour.

6: Probation Officer With a bachelor's degree in social work, an experienced security professional can transition to this home-based career that offers a typical salary of $20 per hour plus government benefits.With many state governments trying to balance crowded jails with increased prosecution, many local agencies seek home-based probation officers.

7: Desktop Publisher Company owners look to desktop publishing professionals to make their stories look good in print. Computerized publishing tools now make it possible for desktop publishers to work from home, often earning over $20 as freelancers or in staff positions. Advanced training courses in graphic design and desktop publishing help these specialists retain the cutting-edge skills that help build strong client rosters.

8: Medical Transcriptionist These specialists can earn $14 or more per hour without leaving home. In many cases, agencies or employers also cover the costs of computers and Internet connections for efficient transcriptionists.Many Doctors struggle to balance the increased patient demands.

9: Virtual Assistant Bootstrapping a business in today's economy often requires creative thinking. Some of the most creative and successful professionals in consulting, real estate, and health care have realized that they can reap the benefits of having full-time administrative assistance without the costs of expanding their own offices. Virtual assistants provide high-end secretarial tasks on demand for clients, usually from home offices. Completing an online training course is often the first step toward an essential work-from-home job that pays $13 or more per hour.

10: Web Design Professional Today's most successful Web design professionals enjoy home offices that have high-speed Internet connections and fast workstations. Earning over $20 per hour as a home-based Web designer requires design skill, programming knowledge. Most novice designers pick up all three of these success ingredients during Web design degree programs, many of which are available online. There are tons of support tasks that every website out there can use to support their websites. You can carve a nice niche assisting the endless list of new websites: article writing, list managing, advertising management, website linking and simple changes to make Google happy,etc.

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