Ted Ciuba

Ted Ciuba has been referred to as "Mr. Mail Order in the Internet Age."

He is a leading Internet Marketing Consultant. Ted Ciuba teaches beginners how to make at least $100,000 in their first year using his Information Marketing techniques. He then shows you how to increase your profits by using more traditional Direct Response Marketing techniques.

At least one of his students has claimed to have made nearly $20,000 in five weeks and did close to $2 Milion in sales since they started using Ted Ciuba methods and teachings. I would prefer to see many more students boasting to have been able to make a decent annual income that the general population would agree is enough to support a typical family, as opposed to the $2 Million "boast" even if tru. I think that would be more realistic and credible for the beginners out there.

Ted Ciuba has some good marketing techniques and I recommend his materials.

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