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Targeted WebSite Traffic

Targeted WebSite Traffic is something many of you probably have read about a zillion times, and thought afterwards, "ok, makes sense, but what do I do now to improve my website traffic", or better said, "give me the blueprint to how to put this concept of targeted website traffic to use on my website".

We hope to offer you some pointers on his subject and even offer you a business opportunity as well!

From our year or so of online experience we can say this for sure, targeted traffic whether it is free targeted website traffic or paid traffic, is the best. This may seem obvious but there are many internet schools of thought that suggest "any" traffic is good to send to your website. To a degree this may be true as a small percentage of non -targeted traffic may buy your product if they stumble on your site, but the vast majority we feel will just pass your site right by. Why?

At one point we had our main website only drawing from free search engine searches. We saw a reasonable amount of this traffic that purchased our product. When we "turned on" paid advertising we saw a huge jump in buyers. This we feel was directly related to the fact that the paid buyers, or "searchers" were primarily looking at the sponsored ads, as opposed to the free search engine listings.

There are a lot of "studies" we have seen on how the internet researcher looks at the search results. The majority key in on the paid (sponsored) ads. This we see as more targeted traffic. People very specifically looking for the information you may have for them, and usually they are driven to you by your choice of keywords.

The non paid listings tend to be viewed to a lesser degree. Again the difference is how targeted your buyer is.

Here's another interesting story from our experience. We must thank our son for this one. Talk about the child teaching the "seasoned" internet marketer.

Our son decided to buy a used vintage car and fix it up. He bought a Lincoln Continental, 1998. Very cool car. Anyway in his efforts to locate parts and also to sell parts (yes he has the entrepreneural spirit too), he posted an ad in a "1998 Lincoln Continental forum." Within an hour he had at least 6 e-mail inquiries! What did he stumble on?

He found a very targeted "niche" market. Not just "Lincoln Continentals", but "1998 Lincoln Continentals".

So now that we see targeted website traffic as something we all want for our websites, what exactly can one do to drive that kind of traffic to a website.

The answer is two-fold. First you can create a "review" website where you offer your opinions and information on many aspects of your main product line. These views or "reviews" are your keywords to draw your prospects. Now you do need to do some research on just which keywords to use, which may or may not make it to a first page search engine listing, and how to set this up in a sponsored or paid advertising campaign. Paid advertising is more or less a requirement if you are truly looking to make a ful time online income.

The other thing you need to do is research and define your niche market.Using the Lincoln Continental example, if your niche was "cars", you'd get a lot of traffic, but not necessarily that targeted. Now if your niche is "Lincoln Continentals" your niche just got very focused. Matter of fact, car enthusiasts is a large market and like my son found out, there are many customers always looking for specific parts. He even became the middle man for people he met online that did not know how to search for parts online! Just think of the possibilities for making money online!

We will complete this overview of targeted website traffic and restate that it is our experience that targeted niche market traffic is the most targeted website traffic you can get and raises your conversions to sales. click below for a step by step manual on these techniques and put them to use in your online business marketing like we did. Once you learn how to find your niche markets, your traffic will come in droves and they will be ready to buy!

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