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Swiss Cash

Swiss Cash

We came across Swiss Cash and Swiss Mutual Fund through e-mail ads. We decided to look into this as a possible legitimate money making scheme. We did not find anything suggesting these are worth your time.

There are various Swiss Cash or Swiss Mutual Fund oriented websites promoting that you can invest small amounts of money and make as much as 20% a month interest on your investment. They even show you their strategy of how your funds are invested: oil exploration, Shipping and agriculture in the Carribean for example. That sounds very possible and enticing, but we also found this:

HYIPBLOG for example had a post explaining how at least one Swiss Cash site was found to be a scam by the Malaysian governement. The individuals involved were obviously shut down and legally reprimended. The report further stated that a lawyer,and other business persons invested large sums of money and subsequently lost it all to this scam.

One site promoting Swiss Cash, at claims 300% in 450 days on your invested money. This site according to has been online since about Oct 2005. We initially saw that as a positive as the HYIP's that stay around the longest tend to be more on the legit side. However Alexa is only a quick check to see what we can conclude about a website's existence.

Another site was Again Alexa says around since May 2006.

We found no positive information that would say this Swiss Cash or Swiss Mutual Fund scheme is real and your money is safe if you invest with anything that says "Swiss Cash". Possibly the lure to being as like a  Swiss Bank Account as many of us have heard about is what tends to draw the unsuspecting investor to put their money into these schemes.

We'd gladly change our review if we hear from anyone that is involved in this type of system and has actually made money over a length of time. Most HYIP's go under in a few months to maybe a year or so. In that time they swindled a lot of money, sadly.

We do not suggest Swiss Cash or swiss Mutual Fund investing.

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