Survey Scout

With a one time fee of $34.95 Survey Scout, which is a website, offers you the chance to earn money by taking surveys. The claim by Survey Scout is you can make $5- $75 for these online surveys and up to $150 an hour for being in focus groups. Also you can make as much as $120 an hour on phone surveys and $4 - $25 an hour previewing movie trailers, or trying new products.

The one time fee for Survey Scout is to access their private members area which has 400+ legitimate survey opportunities.

The majority of the information we saw on this and most survey taking opportunities is the affiliates that sign up don't make much money. They tend to get deluged with other offers once their information is gathered and start to think scam. Also some complaints that once they paid the membership fee, they were only entered into some drawing, and did not actually make any money doing surveys.

Many people will join various programs and unless the program runs itself and sends them a paycheck, they will call everything a scam online,so be careful what YOU read and trust to be truth and fact.You may find checking with other Survey Scout members to be a good way to get realistic info, or possibly the BBB ( Better Business Bureau) may have some stats.

We recently did another survey offer, not Survey Scout, and that took us through numerous web pages taking up a lot of valuable time. Eventually we just clicked off that "survey" as it seemed a never ending draw of your time to keep you hooked, and then try to get you to buy something.

We don't think it is easy to make a living doing surveys. Avoid paying any fees unless you know for sure that the resources you will get, as like Survey Scout offers, will be beneficial.

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