Surplus Alert

Surplus Alert says you can make money on Ebay without having to find,buy, ship or warehouse the things you sell. This is because they will do it all for you according to Surplus Alert literature.

Also included with Surplus Alert on their website are tips, tutorials, a membership login for your site and support staff. Surplus Alert also will provide many name brand products which you can sell on Ebay.

There isn't much positive on Surplus Alert written on various forums and postings. We also just today spoke to a local company that advertised Ebay sales.

When we spoke to them they described the difficulty in making a lot of money on Ebay unless you hit the right markets, and have the right products.

It all depends on the costs to sell on Ebay, your time, and whether you will turn a profit and how much margin you are willing to accept.

For example selling "old" computers wasn't worthwhile because computers can be bought new for a minimal cost nowadays. Although someone else may see old/used computers as an OK margin.

We prefer our own internet business to Surplus Alert where we set our profits. Read below for a "how to" that works.

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