Studio Traffic

Studio Traffic is a program said to be based in Panama. The originator is John Horan; the website is at The basic premis is you are paid to to view advertisements that are on a rotating system.

You make money with Studio Traffic by watching a set number of advertisements in a certain time and earn 1% based on your account level. Now let's discuss your account level.

You can start out with a free account. However to make any real money at 1% of your account balance, you need to up your level. Simple math says if you are at the $1000 level, you'll earn $10. You earn this per day.If you want to earn higher levels of income, you need to put more money into your account. It doesn't take long to see you'll need a pretty substantial account level to make even a reasonable "days pay".You can re-invest your daily earnings, but again it can take some time to build up to a level where you even make $100 (which by the way means you need $10,000 in your account).

Recent information says that there has been a delay in getting your money out of the system at Studio Traffic.

I was involved in a similar ad viewing system. They do pay, but consider the time needed, then the account levels to make any real cash.

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