Stone Evans

Stone Evans in our review work, has a product called the "plug in profit" site. The general idea is you obtain this website and it is essentially set up for you to go market it and quickly see success using his 30 day laid out plans.

Stone Evans is one of few online marketers I have seen since I began in March 2006 that is still promoting the same general program, and has a solid presence online. He also is a GDI (Global Domains International, INC) affiliate and guess what? He is under my GDI sponsor! Pretty cool. I only wish he were my recruit :( Anyways......

I obtained his e-book information and thought the day by day plan was good and could work. I also contacted one of his affiliate marketers who said they were involved at the time for maybe 6 months and was seeing some success. They also said the marketing support information was also very good and helped their business grow. On the other hand, I did get a sense, like many other programs, that this too had a degree of unknown in whether following the day to day plan produced the monetary results that you would plan for. That person is still involved as I still get her e-mails which are geared to offer you some "free" marketing knowledge which is always good to read, and also to lure you to get involved in this program.

Stone Evans plug in profit site can be a good way to start out as it is a complete website that has the basic things you'd need to make money. As with many successsful marketers, once they have traffic that keeps sales coming without too much effort, it can be difficult to get in direct contact w/ them.

I personally like the route I took which led you to this website as I am now able to create a website that will draw traffic and produce sales for essentially any product I choose. This system would be good to get started out and learn the basics of internet marketing.

We can assure you Stone Evans, aka The Home Biz Guy, creator is the Plug In Profit Site (PIPS) system, and GDI affiliate is a solid marketer and not in any sense is his stuff a scam.

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