Stephen Pierce

Stephen Pierce is an internet marketer who is beginning to get a reputation on the net.

He sells an e-book which he claims to reveal all of his secrets of affiliate marketing. Stephen in his e-book claims to tell how to get targeted traffic and also boasts how easy affiliate marketing is.

Stephen Pierce made most of his income as an affiliate for Clickbank and other such programs.

I don't believe affiliate marketing is as "easy" as Stephen Pierce and other affiliate marketing "guru's" say it is.It, to me, definitely seems to be a way to go especially when just starting on the net, as often it appears much of your work is done or set up for you.

Let me assure you, here is no business on the web that is that "easy" and "ready to go" out of the box so to speak. If there is and someone out there knows of it, please let me know and I will post the information immediately.

Affiliate marketing may have some good points, but I am not aware of them. My belief is if you start an internet business, start one that you can control your profits. Stephen Pierce may have info that you can benefit from, I personally did not start with affiliate programs, and am pleased with the success I am having.

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