Stephen Ducharme

Stepehn Ducharme, is A.K.A. the "Free Ad Guru". This guy has an e-book course that is just under 200 pages and explains in pretty good detail how to get a lot of traffic to a website for essentially no cost. His ad claim is to get 1,000,000 visitors to your site at no advertising cost.

I purchased the e-book. It does give you pretty good direction as to how to go about this. I am not sure that the concept is as guaranteed as it is presented as my being an engineer, it seems to leave a bit to chance. In other words, unless you work it very hard, you may not see the traffic build as fast as he claims; this is only due to the fact that if you are new to the internet, his methods may not make the best efforts or contacts to build things fast.

I also had a strange experience with this. I was contacted by a 3rd party, who wanted to mentor me in Stephen Duscharme methods. They sounded legit, but at the end of a lengthy phone interview, they tossed out a pretty hefty fee to show me how to use this system. I turned it down after e-mailing the home site for Stephen Duscharme products and did not get a reply.

In defense of all this, this system was getting a lot of airplay at the time and likely they were deluged with inquiries, hence my lack of reply. Anyway, the 3rd party contact gave me a bad feeling and I opted to not try the system. Bottom line, getting traffic in my opinion ideally needs to be more calculated out so you can be assured a profit after a certain time. This program is something I'd play around with after I did other more proven or assured ways to build traffic, similar to what brought you to this site! Stephen Ducharme has an interesting way to get traffic, it may work for you.

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