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You are probably wondering why I have a sleep apnea review on my "home based business" review website.

Well, I just was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, then my 23 year old son was tested and found to have a mild case of sleep apnea.

I probably had the problem since I was my sons age, but no one talked about sleep apnea back then, or cpap machines and the like.

So, I thought to write a quick overview of my story and my sons and maybe it will help someone that you know that could have the problem.

Sleep apnea is basically where for various reasons, we stop breathing in our sleep and as a result we keep waking up many times a night. This results in not having enough REM sleep...where our body replenishes it self.

In my case I was stopping breathing 93 times an hour! My son with a mild case was stopping 6 times an hour.

When we stop breathing, our brains tell us to "start breathing!", and we wake up. Then we quickly go back to sleep. In my case 93 times an hour.

Do you think I felt OK in the morning?

Folks this affliction is life altering. Then getting the cure is also life altering, when you can finally get a decent nights sleep.

Some symptoms I had included: irritability, depressed, could not concentrate, hard to make decisions, always felt like I was coming down with the flu,gasping for air while snoring (when you stop breathing, you will gasp for air when you wake up), introverted ( I was always so tired I just felt like crap and really didnt feel like socializing much), and always pushing myself through the days to get things accomplished, while always looking for the next cup of coffee.

Other more technical/medical symptoms include: diabetes, high blood pressure and even acid reflux.When we stop breathing, in my case 93 times an hour, our oxygen levels can drop(mine dropped to 88%), and this can lead to many other medical conditions.

I used to notice my son would snore and he would stop breathing in his sleep. Then he would gasp for air and wake up, then fall back to sleep. My Dad did the same thing, so yes this is hereditary.

My son being so young is looking into other therapy to correct the "apnea".

A sleep study is done to determine whether you have apnea and to what degree. You go to a sleep center, they hook you up to many wires that measure your sleep patterns and brain waves. They also measure your oxygen levels.

You are NOT put to sleep...they just wait for you to naturally fall asleep.

I went to a followup sleep study a wek or so later wheer they fitted me with my CPAP machine; this is where they again monitor you to find the right pressure to set that will keep your airways open and the best mask that will seal so the CPAP pressure doesn't blow out of the mask.

The common remedy is to use a CPAP machine. This is a mask that fits over your nose while you sleep and it will put pressure into your nose to keep the obstruction open...the apnea is what makes the obstruction close your wind pipe and stop breathing.

Sometimes surgery for a deviated septum (nose) may help. These cures can then eliminate the need for the CPAP machine.

Having a larger neck is often a give away. Also if you get up a lot at night to use the washroom, this is also a sign. When we are in normal sleep our bodily functions like urinating are suppressed. But with sleep apnea, we never really get to complete sleep,and our kidneys keep working.

It takes most of us about a month to get used to the CPAP. Myself and some friends w/ the CPAP all said they would find the mask off in the morning;somehow we ripped it off in our sleeps. Keep in mind you are really learning how to sleep all over again so it takes time to get adjusted. So have patience and you will soon be sleeping like a baby.

If you suspect you or a loved one has sleep apnea, you can go to a sleep study where they will hook up a lot of wires to you to monitor your sleep patterns for a night. Then if you test positive, they will have you come back and they will fit the CPAP on you to see what pressure you need to stop the apnea.

Do me a favor and dont put off a sleep study test. I did for at least 2 years once I suspected it.

My Dad had many TIA's (mini strokes). These are also a fall out of sleep apnea not treated.

You also can die from sleep apnea not treated. It really can play havoc w/ your body.

I hope this helped you understand more about sleep apnea and what it is.

Getting a simple sleep study can determine if you have the problem and I cannot tell you enough how much better I can function now w/ the CPAP treatment.My son is already smoking less- he said the smoking helped his "nerves" which were stressed from lack of sleep. Isn't that amazing that his apnea correction may also affect his smoking! You owe it to your self to get tested for sleep apnea.

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