Shel Horowitz

Shel Horowitz has several websites,, and These websites have many resources and tips. Shel Horowitz also offers access to newsletters such as Positive Power of Principled Profit, and Frugal Marketing Tips.

In addition to the preceding he offers copywriting, marketing consulting, and presentations on marketing which are availabkle on the Shel Horowitz site.

He has written several books including "Grassroots Marketing", "Marketing Without MegaBucks", "Principled Profit", and "The Penny Pinching Hedonist". Shel Horowitz offers an affiliate program for all of his books and has a link to his Commission cart (T/M) program.

Shel Horowitz has an education in journalism, which he completed at Antioch College. He spent time as a manuscript reader for literary agencies, had talents for resume' writing and marketing for new organizatiins on very limited budgets.

I will be posting my summary on his products in the near future. For now, Shel has a good educational and practical background, good website information and a positive assessment on his business practices.

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