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Secrets Of The Big Dogs

Secrets Of The Big Dogs

Stan Stuchinski is the founder of the Secrets of The Big Dog's program. I purchased it as it appeared to be similar to another that I was working with when I first got started with internet marketing. It indeed was a "copycat" of another (or visa versa) but it just had more ways to generate income.

The basic concept was to sign up for a dozen plus traffic generating programs, then use these to send your e-mail sales letters to the opportunity seekers that may opt to join this program. The information offered for you to get started was very well written, but signing up for these programs if you are new can be a daunting task. It isn't difficult, just a new thing to learn and doing it alone you might feel intimidated or wondering if you did all the entries correctly.

I believe you can see some success in this. What I did not like was that your success depends on others signing up below you to do the same thing you are doing, as in MLM's. My personal MLM experience was poor in getting others to sign up below me, so I opted to not pursue this one.

The site did have very good support information, and it was well written so any newbies (new internet marketers) could fairly easily follow the directions and make some profit. Secrets of The Big Dog's can work, but I did not have the patience to wait for minor successes once I learned the methods that I have since put to use to show others how to copy our system quickly.

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