Search Engine Optimization Course

If you are new to the internet, you may find this review helpful. Is a Search Engine Optimization Course something you need to have under your belt to make the big money, or is there another technique that works even better?

With all the hype out there about Search Engine Optimization Courses or other ads stating how to get #1 placement on the top search engines, is this really something you need to focus on with your website? Let me offer some basics from my experience starting up my internet business.

First, don't really worry about getting that #1 spot. Depending on your business niche, and keywords, you probably are competing for keywords that other websites, with more time on the internet, have pretty much to themselves. So, now what do you do?

You do need to follow some basic techniques when writing content for your website so your "onpage optimization" is ok. For example making sure you have ample density of your keyword within the content of your webpage is one aspect of this.

More importantly, according to most search engine optimization courses is having your "offpage optimization" done well. Offpage optimization relates to links. I have found that just adding a quality link to my site has changed a listing of mine up a few notches. Link building, whether reciprocal or one way back links is critical to your websites "rank" and where your listings appear when searches are done.

While on link building, let me mention an experience I had early on. I knew I needed to add links, but how could I get many links in a relatively short amount of time? I was starting up my lifes dream business and I wanted to see success fast. So, I opted to locate a company that offered 200 back links for $850. That was I recall a half price offer. This company was based in India. I will divuldge the company name after I do more research and find satisfied customers. I am not satisfied at this time.

This company said they would optimize my website for my keywords which they selected. They then said it would take many months to see results. So, I waited, and waited....and waited. I did not see any major improvement in traffic for the keywords they selected. When I questioned why this was so, they said that I probably needed more back links to further search engine optimize my site as my business category, "business opportunities" was very competative, and I'd need more links to beat the others!

I then realized something. Performing link building services is an interesting and lucrative business. It is easy for the search engine optimization company to not succeed and have a pretty credible reason so as to not expect you to be able to get your money back. It takes so long for you to see results of any search engine optimization, and your business competition can always be changing, it is tough to really get those top listings.

So, what to do? Is there another way to compete? Yes there is.I can't give away the farm here, but let me tell you this. I did not do any other search engine optimization on my site and I have many listings on first page search results. How can that be? With no optimizing? I'll give you a small hint: does anyone really know how Google selects who gets top billing? Is there a way to combat that and still have enough free listings?

The answer to that question is something I was truly amazed when I put it to use on my website, and it is offered in my e-book, "Millions at The Kitchen Table". This one tip, trick, or better said, technique will leave you steps ahead of your competition, and always leave you in a position so that no matter what Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL or others do, your website will see a nice flow of traffic.

To summarize, I would not suggest you pay for link building at least early on when you start, assuming you are trying to minimize your cost and maximize profits. Same goes for search engine optimization courses. You don't need them. Once your site is established and you are seeing some results, then look closely at your listing positions, and do some simple optimization such as get links from other higher ranked sites.

I hope this helps you decide where to put your efforts. The best thing you can do is to apply the techniques that I used to get many top listings, with absolutely no search engine optimization course or other assistance. This method works no matter what the google robots or spiders are up to. It also cuts your advertising cost to pennies on the dollar.

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