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Sales Genie

Sales Genie claims to provide unlimited sales leads and mailing list for your business. In theory this sounds like a priceless marketing tool for any business, would you not agree?

They offer leads for many different categories also divided into different niches.

Sad reality on lead selling businesses is: I have spent money with many of these so-called lead generating companies and came out empty handed time and time again.Now, I haven’t tried Sales Genie so I won’t include them with the rest of the “lead selling” businesses.

Here’s the deal: Sales Genie could be a valuable tool for your business, but be very careful when buying leads from any company as it tends to result in a lead that could be mis matched to your niche, or just plain old traffic.

Our initial check into Sales Genie has not been overly promising as most forum or other comments posted seem to say that what people thought they were getting, did not quite pan out.

On our top program team, we test all leads and traffic before we offer it to our downline...just imagine how that can save you tons of cash by not testing things all by yourself.

Most online advertising is not so good quality, and they never can guarantee anything because they can't be sure how YOUR capture page converts and with what quality again being part of a team that tests and shares results is huge plus to success in any program.

Always test before you try any online leads or advertising or get a recommendation from someone you trust; the same goes for SalesGenie.

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