Russ Whitney

A friend recently attended one of the Russ Whitney work shops. This was a two hour presentation on how to profit from property with various techniques.A 3-day course is offered in this workshop.

The 3 day course is some $2000 in cost. The question is, is it worth it?

From various posts on the net, google groups being one of them, the information offered in Russ Whitney courses does not appear to be anything specific and new that anyone can then put into use and benefit from.

It appears Russ had some success with a few properties, then created a book and program based on these successes.

Russ Whitney information isn't the specific detailed "how to" that I would need if I were just getting my feet wet. I would want my hand held all the way until I could run on my own.

My recommendation, based on a review of his material, various outside sources and my personal experience in real estate, is to look for other better information. OR, locate another system that may provide the step by step direction you need to ensure your success.Russ Whitney may work for you.

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