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Russian Brides

Russian bride scams are unfortunately another way people are cashing in on the internet. It is sad that this works only because someone is preying on a "victim's" emotions, in this case a man, who is looking for a "partner" and probably is often on the rebound from a break up or divorce.

Here's how this Russian bride scam works:

You may be signed up on a personals site where your profile is listed and you are looking to meet someone. You receive an e-mail that is from a Russian name. Their profile is listed as deleted, but they do send you their personal e-mail in their e-mail to you.

You may or may not respond. If you do, you will get various e-mails stating how much they are in love with you, and that they cannot live without you. They also send very nice pictures of themselves.

Eventually they want to be with you, and they claim they can't afford the $400 fee for a passport or visa. They even give you the exact address where you can send them money or your credit card number!!

Russian bride scams are out there and I am sure many men respond. I received one of these my self on Yahoo personals and I responded just out of curiosity. I figured I would review the results and offer this information to you once I determine whether it was a scam or not.

What was really crazy is I received a second such initial e-mail from another Russian bride. That e-mail was IDENTICAL to the first and from a "different" girl. I even realized after a while that the responses to my replies were not "in sync" with what I wrote back, so I beleive this is a fully automated phishing scam. The e-mails are sent automatically. The "broken English" manner in which this is written makes you think they are not understanding you so you let that slide , because of course you are infatuated with this new found beautiful lady.I am sure eventually some men will send the cash. Yes, they do suggest cash!

Sadly this is the truth on this scam. Many legitimate Russian Bride sites offer additional information so you don't fall victim to a scamming Russian bride. There are also sites with lists of known Russian bride scam artists.

I should note that my heritage is part Russian, and I met some very wonderful and hard working Russian people in recent years. It is unfortunate that this Russian bride scam occurs, as it is very likey not even a Russian on the other end of the e-mail.

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