Rosalind Gardner

Rosalind Gardner is a former student of Corey Rudl and claims to make good money promoting affiliate programs. She has written an ebook called "Super Affiliate Handbooks" which covers many areas of affiliate marketing.

I personally don't see affiliate marketing as a simple way to make money. The concept is very sound, it is just that I needed a more direct way to see profits come in.

It isn't that obvious or easy to generate the right targeted traffic to your affiliate program, at least that's what I see new people struggle with. They think all traffic is good...NOT!

Possibly you may find this avenue for generating income appealing; so in that sense I'd recommend any information from Rosalind Gardner.

Bottom line, whether you pursue affiliate programs or possibly selling your own product, you should have a sound business plan to get to where you you expect to be. Definitely learn some solid traffic generating techniques, so you can literally sell anything online. Rosalind Gardner can get you there with her affiliate information and we can help in the latter!

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