Ron Legrand

As I may have mentioned, I come from a long line of "property investors", and have always been intrigued by those that do make it "big" in this business and how they did it. It can be done and I have friends that have done quite well……more on that later.

Ron Legrand has very similar teachings as Carlton Sheets. They teach a no money down method that can make you a solid level of income. He has three books that cover: "For Sale by Owner" topics, then there is a Lease and Wholesale book and the third covers Lease Option.

Ron Legrand books are not low cost; these listed are some $600 each. You should really get some good information when spending that kind of money. His books are advertised as a "business in a box" meaning any one book can make you a good income.

Getting back to my opening comments, Ron Legrand information is good and surely has the potential to make you a decent income. However you should not necessarily expect to make a killing over night, as even Ron Legrand books may suggest. Real Estate in my opinion requires a strong commitment, a love of the business ( at least to some degree considering the time you'll spend in just reviewing properties) and a solid, proven plan of building over time until you are at an income level where you set out to be.

I'd recommend Ron Legrand but also suggest you read other noteworthy real estate guru's such as Carlton Sheets who has some 20+ years in the business.

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