Robert Kiyosaki|Rich Dad Poor Dad

I liked Robert Kiyosaki the first time I heard him speak. He's been on all sorts of TV programs promoting his "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" book and philosophies.

I think his use of his Dad really hit home for me just thinking of how my Dad worked hard to provide for his family, and always wanted his own business and do better for himself. However for whatever reasons, maybe mostly due to not having that precise plan to success, we tend to lose hope and settle in to our day job grind, never possibly achieving what we all could have been in terms of financial success.

Robert Kiyosali used his Rich Dad to describe his ideas to invest in knowledge and assets that generate income, such as real esate. His poor Dad was his real Dad who taught him to get an education, save his money and follow the usual route many of start off on after high school or collage.

I recommend Robert Kiyosaki and his teachings on money, real estate, and just plain focus, determination and maybe giving you the shove needed to go for it. It surely helped me.

Starting a home business, especially in these times of so many hoaxes, and scams you need to find a vehicle that truly works as I was fortunate enough to. Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad Poos Dad may help you get there.....Here's to you Dad!

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