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Rob Benwell

I purchased Rob Benwell's ebook titled Blogging To The Bank. Its basic ad claim is he will tell you how he was able to make $516.53 in 30 days using free blogs.He basically shows you how to join Clickbank and to sell any of various affiliate products. He shows you how to select your product, set up a Clickbank account, build your blog,get traffic, and much more.

I liked his ebook for many reasons including: it was not full of more sales hype, it was well and simply written so anyone should be able to follow, it included a lot of screen shots and very clear step by step instructions that even someone new to blogs would be able to follow. In internet sales I believe the more step by step you can get the better as there are so many ways to accomplish things on the net, when you are new you really need a solid specific road map or you will for sure lose focus by being enticed by so many ideas, methods, ads, etc.

Additionally, Rob Benwell offers you ways to get traffic to your blog which are all good methods, although the last couple might be questionable and he even comments on that in his ebook- user's discretion. Niche domination is key as is intelligent marketing, for best results.

Overall Rob Benwell has a very nice ebook and I don't see it as any rip off, some 39 or so pages, to the point and if anything you will for sure learn a lot about getting a blog set up and if you follow his instructions, even make some money. One caution is nothing is guaranteed and if you are new to this, you may stumble a bit and not get the immediate results which can be discouraging. So the key is to keep learning new skills so this can work for you.

At this time I recommend the Rob Benwell and his various Blogging to the Bank offers ( there have been updates through the years) information and am looking for your experiences so I can update my site.

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