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Reverse Funnel System-AKA "RFS"

Reverse Funnel System is a program offered by Ty Coughlin.

In essence this Reverse Funnel System is not only a program to make money, it is also a marketing trend/method.

The Reverse Funnel System Makes Money WHILE You’re Creating Leads – What? You can make money while you are creating leads. That’s why it’s called a REVERSE funnel. Under a normal network marketing "funnel", you talk to people, close a few, make some money, and then hope you can hang in there until you have a residual income built up. With a reverse funnel system you actually make money on the front end of your business while you are building up your residual.

When you have a system like that, you don’t ever have to talk to prospects again. You don’t have to talk to them because your marketing attracts people who are really interested, your system educates (see our review on consultative selling) and closes the ones who are really interested. You actually make money while you create leads.

We tested Reverse Funnel System and were pleased with the results BUT the conversions to sales started to drop dramatically. NOT GOOD!

The company did not seem to concerned so we searched for 6 months for another program.

We found even better than a new program.

We found a new "Reverse Funnel System" if you will.

Our top rated program offers the same high ticket item as we promoted with Reverse Funnel System, BUT it converts WAY better! We are seeing 20% opt in rate with our new program vs. maybe 10-12% with the old.

That alone means our new automated internet marketing program converts prospects to opt ins two times as good as Reverse Funnel System did. That means double the sales potential for the same advertising cost!

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