Retire On Spending

Having a start in 2005, Retire On Spending, Inc. is supposed to be a program that allows members to get cash back on their routine shopping and earn a matching cash amount for referring their family and friends.

A retirement account funding scheme is included in the compensation structure.

When you refer someone to Retire On Spending, Inc. which you do from your free website, you become part of the first neighborhood. Each time a member you referred gets cash back, Retire On Spending, Inc.pays matching cash back equal to 10%. When you have ten members, you get 20% in matching cash back. You can also pay to upgrade to the affiliate level which oays 40% from the first neighborhood and 25% for the rest if your group.

Retire On Spending, Inc. also has on theor website forums, telephone forums for prospective members to hear whats going on, periodic online forums, and even wellness forums. A credit union membership is also offered as well as a referral program for businesses you use and want to refer.

For anyone over 50, Retire On Spending, Inc. is something to look into.

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