Reselling would seem an obvious term but many people ask me exactly what that means. So I thought I'd offer a brief review to help you understand this marketing concept. Reselling is often also called "referring" by some people.

Tyically when you are a reseller, you are selling someone elses product or service. The original owner of the product or service will have a pre-arranged deal where you may keep say 50% of the sales profit. That is pretty typical. You may also be able to keep 100% of the sales profit if the original product owner offers you the opportunity to "buy the rights" to his/her product or service.

Reselling can also occur via many affiliate systems offered. You can sign up as an affiliate for many companies and products, and again keep a percentage of all sales.

The best system is where you keep all the profits. You can do this with your own product, or again by buying the rights to someone elses product.

Keep in mind to be a profitable reseller, you need to have a product or service that meets some basic criteria. These include: it ideally should be unique, a great product that is in high demand, able to sell it 24/7, 365 days a year as on a website, make sure it is marketable in the sense that it is a product that you can sell w/o any restrictions as well as just general demand (just because you think it is a great product, doesn't mean others will- ask your friends if they'd buy it and at what price!).Last but not least check that others that are selling it are either making money or are getting paid if they are affiliates. CALL the product supplier for references and then call the references!

Another good aspect of being a reseller is the product owner often has a sales letter that has been tested and proven to generate sales; you can usually just use that marketing information to do the same as he/she did to make your sales.

Reselling can be a very lucrative business opportunity. For more information, please read my website that you can get to by clicking the link below. If you then need a way to get started in marketing a product you have, want to create, or just become a reseller or affiliate, I can help you to learn how to do that using the same system that brought you to this page!

Reselling products, ebooks, gift cards, and even web hosting and domain names can be very lucrative.

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