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A colleague tested this system and here's what I found out about Referralware.Referralware represents about three multi level marketing companies. Initially you sign up as a referralware member for about $19 a month. For this fee, you get access to the members area and there is a lot of stuff to read, some of it is actually good information.

Once you are a referralware member, they start to bug you to sign up for the other three companies. Each of these companies has a monthly fee to pay. One thing you are promised is leads, which supposedly will sign right up under you, creating a passive income from each sign up monthly fee. These leads were found to not pan out that well. Very few sign ups from these leads.

If you sign up for all three companies plus referralware, you will receive a bill for all four programs each month which is about $400 in my colleagues case which included the cost of the leads which were not free as he thought.

After paying for all this and lead buying for one month, my colleague ended up with one sign up that amounted to about $11.

Possibly if he had stayed the course as they say, he may have increased his profits eventually. However if you were a newbie, I am sure after that first month, you'd be wondering how long you'd be out that $400 a month, and when would you be taking in more than $11.

I can assure you that the program I am working will make you money the first couple months. I learned the program from one who is a very successful internet marketer. I can assure you and prove to you that I did not make a ton of money in my first month or so, but I definitely did not lose $400! What is even more amazing is the product I offer works! You are reading this review which is a technique described in the internet marketing course I offer. It is a pleasure selling something that is proven right before your eyes right on my own website!

Referralware may work for you but be sure to have a simple to duplicate system so your people can simply copy you.

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