Reciprocal Linking Google

Reciprocal Linking Strategy is a technique where two websites exchange their links which is typically agreed to by the website owners. Your link will be on another website pointing towards your site, and the other sites link is on your site pointing to the other persons site- pointing means when they click on it, they will go to that links location (website).

Reciprocal linking is used to gain (link) popularity and traffic for your website on the search engines such as

Some search engines will give more credit to a one way link or a back link. One way links tend to draw traffic away from you. Generally most webmasters will exchange links with a "I'll help you if you'll help me" attitude and it is good for business.

Reciprocal Linking strategy is a very key part of your reciprocal linking seo and link exchange efforts and is a key aspect of website building if you are in it for the long haul.

Is reciprocal linking good or bad? We feel you need both reciprocal as well as one way or back links. Mostly back links though.

How many do you need to get a site onto google page one?Usually less than you may think depending on how much competition your keyword has and how well your page has the keywords seo'd. We have many pages on google page 1, and sometimes with very few back links. Think of these links as "juice" to push your site up the ranks...the more juice behind the link (like from a high ranking site) the better.

Hope this helped clear up some reciprocal linking so you don't wonder "does reciprocal linking work".

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