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Rebate Processor Truth or Scam?

The truth about online rebate processor jobs...

Rebate Processor jobs are the latest home based business work at home opportunities that are flooding the internet.

Question to answer is are these legit, or just another fad that will take your money , you'll make little to no income and they will fade away.

There are many companies that claim that they can set you up with a job processing rebates at a wage of $15 per completed rebate.

So do these Rebate Processor Companies and jobs really work...?

These programs sound like real work but unfortunately just like with the majority of data entry, and even type at home programs they are all just twists of the truth.

After you pay for their memberships often around $200 you do not get access to a list of companies in need of home rebate processing workers.

Here's the twist!

What these Rebate Processing programs tell you to do to is start marketing digital products online and offer a rebate on them.

For example, if a digital product is selling for $60 with an affiliate program that pays 50% commission they say you should offer a rebate of around $10.This way, if you get a sale you make $30 - 10 with a profit of $20.

The real trick in these programs or any online opportunity is driving traffic to the rebate your offer. They suggest to do this with pay per click (PPC)so you typically need to expect to spend several hundred dollars, then still hope that your PPC ad campaign is profitable.

So the truth is , you're not paying for a Rebate Processor job. You are buying the idea to use a sales method applied to affiliate marketing.

Sure it is possible to make money with this method but it requires money to invest plus you do need to know exactly how to market using PPC, which that alone if not done perfectly, WILL cost you often more than you take in.

This can quickly add up to you spending hundreds of dollars a day.

What I recommend to those looking to make money online is KEEP IT SIMPLE! (KISS- call or e-mail me if you don't know what that means!)

Learn some solid traffic generating methods, ideally FREE ways initially so you aren't spending too much, then apply that to a marketing SYSTEM that does all the work for you to close sales.

I research to locate programs that are simple and require only the need to drive prospects to the progam, so new people can really see results.

Check one out below that offers exactly this, plus a REAL product that has value, is in demand, and will NEVER go out of style- so you can set yourself up for long term online success. Rebate processor scams should not be looked at when these legit programs can work.

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