Real Estate sales in a slump?

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 Realty Trac

This program, Realty Trac Inc. provides for Real Estate agents to become members of the RealtyTrac Agent Network. Realty Trac claims to be a database where you can locate preforclosure reports, auction properties, with over 500,000 properties listed nationwide. They also have an affiliate program which we will describe just a bit later. Included in Realty Trac is a website where you'll find e-books, sponsored links and much more related to real estate and real estate investing.

Now, on the Realty Trac affiliate program,you can join for free. Leads are only $7 and your sales at $17 each. There is a dedicated program manager and you are set up with a RealtyTrac Affiliate Marketing Starter Kit. "Cookies' are good for 90 days. This is important so you don't lose a sale if someone initially clicks on your "affiliate link", you will still get the sale down the road, not someone else.

From what we saw researching the net, RealtyTrac seems to have a good name and record. There were some comments that the lists of homes for sale or those up for auction was out of date, thus making the list, to a degree not useable. Realty Trac has some good information and real estate we feel is a great place to make money. However from personal experience,we feel you really need to live this business and have some general good abilities in understanding properties in and out. Yes, every business you tend to "live"; real estate just is something that most successful real estate agents, as an example, live the business 7 days a week, much more than 8 hours a day.

If you are looking for a simpler life, less stress, meet people all over the globe, set your own hours, and your income potential is not limited by anything other than your own desire and drive, then you might want to click the link that immediately follows. Realty trac may be just what you have been looking for.

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